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Our App Morphs to the NEW Pickaway Saver App

The “Pickaway County, Circleville” mobile app is MORPHING in to the “Pickaway Saver” app! It has been over 2 years ago since we launched the mobile app and without a doubt the most visited parts of the app are the coupons and loyalty programs. Along with more of both of those we are also excited to introduce the “Pickaway Saver… Read more →

Websites for Small Businesses

As we continue to grow and expand our services we have been looking at more ways we can help small businesses in the Circleville and Pickaway County area.  For a while we were creating a printed newsletter called “Roundabout” but after trying a few different ideas with it we decided to move back to what we do best…the digital or… Read more →

RoundAbout, Local Fun – February 2015

The February edition of RoundAbout has actually been out for a little over a week but we are late getting it posted for those who like to print it out by themselves.  Because folks wanted to be able to print the RoundAbout out without needed the larger format paper we have done this edition in the normal 8-1/2×11 paper.  We… Read more →

Trending Small Businesses for Small Towns

What businesses would you like to see come to Circleville, Ohio?  We did some research and found various list of trending businesses for small towns.  Some of these were for towns under 5,000 but most were for towns under 20,000…which would describe Circleville.   Here is a list of what we found so far (added 1/23/14): – Custom hand made… Read more →

Circleville Mobile App GOES BIG!

Over the past year we have continued to grow and expand the Circleville, Ohio Mobile App that is available to be downloaded for FREE for you phones and mobile devices.  In that time we have received feedback from customers who, while they enjoy the “local” small business aspect, they want more content and more information about what else is available… Read more →

RoundAbout, Local Fun – December 2015

We are very excited about the latest edition of “RoundAbout”!  Why?  Well, first of all it is our first FULL COLOR edition.  We thought it would be so cool to print an edition in full color so we figured we would start with the December issue and include plenty of Christmas colors. The second reason we are excited is because… Read more →

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