Circleville Mobile App GOES BIG!

Over the past year we have continued to grow and expand the Circleville, Ohio Mobile App that is available to be downloaded for FREE for you phones and mobile devices.  In that time we have received feedback from customers who, while they enjoy the “local” small business aspect, they want more content and more information about what else is available in the local Circleville or Pickaway County area as a whole.

So here are a few of the changes you will begin seeing on the mobile app over the next few months:
1)  We will be posting more information about community organizations that help our local community.
2)  To date we have only posted churches who have asked and sent us information.  We will now be posting more churches with basic information and then if a church wants to add images or more info they may do so at no charge.
3)  Public places such as parks will be added.
4)  We will adding government entities under the “General Services” tab.
5)  We are now allowing any size businesses that has a brick and mortar business located either within Pickaway County or a 17 mile radius of Court and Main St.

This is just the beginning as we continue to grow and expand the mobile app.  Thanks so much for everyone who has supported us so far and for those who have downloaded the app so far.


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