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shop-pickaway-county-localQuite often one of the most difficult things for folks is to figure out are what types of products or services might be available right here in the Pickaway County area.  Often times we drive by a place and never realize that something we’ve been driving out of town for or ordering online is available in our back yard.  Not only would we often times save money by supporting a business within the area, but by buying from a business within the area you help support local jobs, local services like the fire and police department and so much more.  If you REALLY want to step up supporting the local area then you might want to seek out more locally owned and operated businesses.  Why?  Well, study after study shows that when you support locally owned businesses even more of your money stays right in your community.  So yes, it is a good thing to buy from any business within the county/area you live but it is even better for the local area when you buy from a local, small business.

So we created a website to help folks better find products and services.  To find out more information about some of the items on the Shop Pickaway website check out

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