Small Business Helps Drive the Economy?

Okay, this statement may or may not be true. The truth is most, if not all, large businesses used to be small at some time. So we’re not saying only support the small businesses. Nor are we saying to ignore the mega businesses. As you and I both know there are probably good and bad businesses in both the small and the large business sector. What we do know, is that when you support a business within the Pickaway County area, without a doubt, more money goes right back in to the exact same economy. Whether it be in taxes, local services, non-profits, jobs and the list goes on. When we spend more within our area it helps us grow. So if you want to see “MORE” in Circleville, then support the “local Circleville” as much as possible. Remember, there was a time when there were more businesses within the Circleville area. As times changed and we started driving further the local businesses began to disappear.

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