The Christmas Dream Expands in Downtown Circleville!

It’s hard to believe that what started out as the dream of a few downtown Circleville merchants just last year, is growing and expanding in to so much more for 2014! That’s right. Last year a few downtown Circleville merchants got together with a dream to “LIGHT UP” the downtown area and bring an old-fashioned “Hometowne Christmas” to the historic downtown area. While we didn’t win any awards and we didn’t end up on the evening news, we did have a blast! So many local folks joined us for the fun and even more stopped by to support the many wonderful small businesses in our historic downtown area. What a great start it was!

Now we move on to 2014. For this year the Circleville DBA has taken over most of the dream of the few merchants and they are working to expand it. Not only is there an effort to LIGHT UP the downtown again, but with the help of many of those same merchants they moved the yearly “Santa Parade” to an evening time of 6 PM on November 29th (which is also Small Business Saturday). So now the town will be lit up with the help of businesses, the DBA and more with both lights on the buildings and hopefully, lights on the floats in the parade.

The original goal of this small group of merchants was to not only bring some of the excitement from years gone by back to downtown, but to try to bring businesses together for the common goal of showing that our downtown area is alive more than just 1 week in October. So we tried to get as many businesses, non-profits and whomever to join in to to help LIGHT UP our downtown. Chase bank, with the help of Rhoads Garden Center, let us a put a live tree at the corner of Court and Main. Again, the first Christmas tree that had been set up as a group for quite a few years in the downtown area. The results were quite beautiful and something that had not been seen for many, many years. So many of those in the downtown area not only put out their normal lights, but extra lights were hung up bringing a little more holiday joy to our town. It is exciting to see how much further it moves this year.

Truth be know, many businesses had stopped putting up lights because it was really starting to feel like the downtown area had been forgotten. Now, as times continue to change and more folks start to realize we need to hold on to what history we can, while we can, our downtown continues to stay alive. Yes, the businesses change. Yes, we have sadly lost historic buildings. Yes, the slow, sucky economy has had a huge negative effect on many of the businesses there and we have lost some. But we are holding on and with the help of not only the business owners, but individuals in our area and our local government we can and we will keep Downtown Circleville, Ohio alive.

Yes, each one of us can help. The Circleville DBA may have taken over many parts of it, but the now called Hometown (without the e) Christmas was never about an organization or any particular business. It was about people gathering together to bring some light to our community. To bring some hope to our town. To bring some fun to the children. So if there is any way that you, your business, your church, your organization can help then please either contact us or the Circleville DBA.  We can make bring some of the magic back to our town on a local basis.

So it was quite exciting to not only be able to be a part of lighting up the downtown area, but bringing some of the businesses together for a like cause. Now it is your turn and my turn to continue. I know there are differences in opinions. To be honest with you, I’m sure some people don’t like other people. WHO CARES!! If we want division we can just look at the national politicians who no longer know how to get along for a common cause. We are neighbors and we need to set aside our differences, pull together and keep the “heart” of the Circleville area alive, our downtown.

I want to personally thank those few merchants who joined together in 2013 to get the “Hometowne Christmas” idea rolling. Especially For You, Something Different, Wildwood, The Spa at WildwoodTreasure Isle, Gibbys Eatery and Sports Bar, Uniquely Yours, Simply Dancing Dance Studio, JM Printing and Graphics and Newt’s Games and Puzzles. While many other businesses joined in and helped make last year a success, without the help of the above businesses the Hometowne Christmas may have never started and may have never had a chance to continue.


A message from James Esteph, co-owner of Newt’s Games & Puzzles and
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