Trending Small Businesses for Small Towns

What businesses would you like to see come to Circleville, Ohio?  We did some research and found various list of trending businesses for small towns.  Some of these were for towns under 5,000 but most were for towns under 20,000…which would describe Circleville.  
Here is a list of what we found so far (added 1/23/14):
– Custom hand made cards shop
– Cell phone repairing shop
– Start a data ware house
– Baby Care center
– Fertilizer shop for local crops
– Fresh vegetable store
– Meat Sale point
– Arrange fun games with low fees for young kids of your town
– Start selling fresh milk in bottles or in tetra pack
– Herbal shop
– Crockery store
– Start farming
– Women cooking and sewing center
– Fashion boutique for females
– Sell home security equipment
– Bakery that offers breads
– Computer short courses and learning center
– Become a property adviser of your town
– Make event movies on demand
– Open a traditional foods restaurant in your town
– Used book shop
– Men style fashion store
– Start a small homemade toy factory
– Artificial antique jewelry shop
– Readymade garments for kids
– Start a mini cinema
– Tea House
Added 1/24/15
– House Cleaning Business
– Small Construction (Chicken coops, barns, etc.)
– Local goods retailer
We recently put this in the form of a poll online to see what your thoughts were.  As we find more trending things we will add them.  If you have a Facebook account you can vote at the following link:


We will continue to search out more “trending” ideas that look like they may work in the Circleville area too.

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